░may you wake upon death.░
╟virgo sun, capricorn moon, scorpio rising╢
╟mercury in virgo, venus in leo and mars in taurus╢

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DJ Spider // Acid Rain


Sup! heres the video for the song Go that me and blood diamonds wrote :) co directed by me and my brother mac

It’s supposed to be dante’s inferno (abstractly), different layers of hell etc. super visually inspired by like x men, metal gear, dune. haha, maybe thats too all over the place and doesn’t make sense, but yea, enjoy!

also special thanks to everyone in it: blood diamonds, david hayter (for doing the crazy voice @ the beginning), and the dancers (Nicki, natsuki, hana and rey!)

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i hate how people use the word “partner” for gay people like no she’s my girlfriend we’re not fucking doing science projects together thank you bye

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An anachronistic playlist for Judas of Iscariot
  1. guilty-marina and the diamonds
  2. kiss and swallow- IAMX
  3. run boy run- woodkid
  4. nietzsche- the dandy warhols 
  5. heaven on their minds- jesus christ superstar
  6. way down in the whole- tom waits 
  7. bad religion- frank ocean
  8. jesus christ- brand new
  9. change- deftones
  10. kill your heroes- AWOLNATION

{cheesy bonus}

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Forgive me at last, Brother,
for the death sentence: a kiss
that revealed me, an act of obedience
which began your martyrdom.
Who else but you—who loves
me still—could I ask to bear blame
for my murder for all time?
I knew too of the wind of stones
conjured by our brothers
that would…

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Book illustrations of a different kind - dark and haunted worlds by Stephen Gammell.

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Tekkon Kinkreet - Taiyo Matsumoto


Tekkon Kinkreet - Taiyo Matsumoto

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Oh my stripes and diamonds!

One of the biggest requests we get here is for more vertical stripes. They’re pretty hard to find for lots of reasons, but we hope the Harlequin Diamond & Stripe and Sheer Vertical Striped Pantyhose will please some long-suffering Sock Dreams fans!


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